I founded the company Metro Multi Media Ltd. as a result of a number of people wanting to access the same service I had organised for myself and family and so I decided to formalise this service as a business operation, the company was formed recently, 12th May 2017.

I have been, on a personal level, contracting the services of a UK based server, which has provided me with a state of the art, reliable access to web hosting provisions on a wholesale basis, with an excellent 24/7 customer service. I have about 5 years of experience doing business with them, they have proven to be an excellent, extremely fast, reliable provider of hosting and associated services. I originally decided on my supplier because, as well as the space I required, they provide a large number of platforms and apps. the most significant of which for me, originally, was access to Moodle, , and all of them for free, bundled into the main contract! 

My primary intention is to offer this service to individuals, professionals and companies, with the addition of a personalised service to assist with set-up, registrations if required and in particular to host the web-site, as well as help and advice on the platforms and applications available and with which I and others have personal, hands on experience (our providers specialise in the server and supply end and are not necessarily able to advise, referring clients to the support which each platform and application provides). 

All clients, big and small, will have a hands on connection to all the functions available through the user friendly, globally used control panel, , a very well designed and functional platform with all the tools available for immediate use.